How to Increase Leads by 75% (Without Invasive Popups)

A very simple strategy to improve your ecommerce's Lead Generation without worsening the user experience.

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You’re probably already aware of the importance of Lead Generation for an ecommerce.

And you probably display a popup to visitors to sign up for the newsletter about 8-10 seconds after the page loads.

There’s a big problem with this approach…

99% of users close popups that appear immediately on a site.

Their reaction is somewhat like Dwight’s below 👇

You need to be very careful about the landing experience for new users.

I’ve noticed that many ecommerces have no idea how their site appears to a new user.

They activate thousands of Lead Generation popups, without considering that there’s also the privacy policy banner to accept.

So, to get some leads, they worsen the experience for all visitors.


What to do then?

In today’s email, I’ll talk about the strategy to reconcile:

  • User experience. Remember, a good user experience is the core of your ecommerce’s growth because it translates into higher conversion rates, greater satisfaction, and hence more sales.
  • Lead Generation. Ensuring a good user experience does not mean not doing lead generation, because the number of leads is also vital for your company’s growth.

After several studies and tests, we’ve found the perfect combination of these two aspects.

The strategy is really very simple:

Activate the Lead Generation popup on the 3rd or 4th page visited.

In this way, the popup is activated only when the user has had the chance to get to know you better and has seen some products.

Let’s look at a case study about this:


In this case, the popup was activated after 10 seconds on the first page visited.

The data was:

  • 9240 popup views
  • 295 Leads
  • 3.19% Conversion Rate



We activated the popup after 8 seconds, but on the third page visited.

And the results were:

  • 11240 popup views
  • 626 Leads
  • 5.57% Conversion Rate


The conversion rate of the popup on the third page is 75% higher than the popup on the first page.

Although fewer users see the popup, since it will be shown only on the 3rd page, the increase in the conversion rate allows for more contacts.

We conducted this test on several ecommerces, and 9 times out of 10, it allowed us to obtain many more leads than activating it on the first page.

Not to mention the fact that we are not disturbing all new visitors with popups.

So, in addition to obtaining many more leads, we make the browsing experience better.

To thank you for making it to the end, I want to give you, as a bonus, the code we used to set up the popup display on the third page.

Not all popup marketing tools allow for this (Klaviyo is one of them), so a dedicated script is needed.

At this link, you can find the code and a guide on how to use it.

If you decide to test it, let me know the results you get 😉

That’s all for today!


Wishing you good growth,


we wave, you grow

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