Fusion GT

Fusion GT is the No. 1 company in the world in the Nano Plasma sector. In this case study we will see the strategy we have created to dominate this niche.

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60+ Organic Leads Every Month, Fusion GT is the 1° World's Nano Plasma Specialist


Initially Fusion GT, the No. 1 company in the world in the Nano Plasma sector, asked us for a solution that would allow them to obtain as many leads as possible and to segment them in the correct way.

The required objective was to build a machine capable of generating targeted contacts.

The next step was to lead these contacts in personalized paths to enroll them in the various workshops organized by the company to present and sell the products.


The old website did not allow visitors to be converted into leads, and also had a 95% bounce rate.

In terms of traffic, we started from an excellent SEO base thanks to the PR work done by the CEO through social media and blog posts in other websites of the same target market with their medical devices.

The Daily Mail, The Mirror and several other important publications in the sector talk about them.

Furthermore, there were no automations or a structured customer acquisition system.

During the analysis we identified seven potential targets. The Customer Journey of this company is very long because they sell medical devices that cost up to €60,000.

Analysing the products, we understood that we had to create a new website and a new multi-step strategy to accompany potential customers during all the acquisition and purchase phases.


Once the analysis phase was completed, we built the entire strategy: The Strategy Doc.

We have chosen to rebuild the entire website from scratch. Based on the seven targets identified, we chose to build seven different mini-funnels. One for each target.

The Customer Journey has been divided into three main steps, in this way we have managed to reach the target in all the various phases of the process. We have placed three well-defined Call-To-Actions on all product pages.

The first was to request further information by downloading a free PDF, the second to participate in the Workshops and the third to request a free demo.

All three call for an email address to obtain what is requested. In this way we were able to get users into the various funnels, and through email sequences accompany them to the offline purchase of products.


The UX of the site was entirely based on the seven Funnels. The goal was for the user to enter the chosen funnel as quickly as possible.

The entire site, funnels and blog were built to deliver value to its audience consistently. On a visual level, we included various elements to help increase the conversion rate.

Path to purchase

We have created seven landing pages, one for each medical device where the user can start their journey.

The three Call-To-Actions were:

  • Request more information by downloading a free PDF
  • Participate in the Workshops
  • Request a free demo

These were the keys to making users self-profile and getting them into the dedicated purchasing paths. The goal of all these personalised paths is to take users from getting to know the brand online to the workshops organised offline.

Once the workshops were completed, they continued to receive further information based on their pre- and post-purchase interests.

Email sequence

Seven different Email Sequences, one for each Funnel to take users from online to offline.

In addition to the automatically set sequences, we sent numerous campaigns to the seven targets to test the best angles to get them to register for the workshops.

We used email marketing for all phases of the funnel: acquisition, nurturing and post-sales. This is very important because it binds customers more and more to the brand.


Thanks to this segmentation and AB testing work, the website gets an average of over 60 organic contacts every month and a conversion rate of 11.38%.

Each contact is a potential customer of machinery that costs an average of €50-60,000.

The company’s salespeople have an average contact closure rate of around 20%.

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