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How we got the largest Italian bicycle ecommerce to achieve a +30% monthly turnover in just two weeks of work.

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The goal was to improve the performance of the e-commerce, to increase the conversion rate and to optimise the profits on investments.

Generally bringing the first results to a business takes time, however, here it only took us two weeks.


We did a deep analysis of the most important KPIs metrics through Google Analytics, we then analysed all the steps of the funnel, design, user experience and the basic strategy of the project.

Traffic however wasn’t an issue as organic traffic is stable at 20k visitors per month.

The offline brand is already very strong and well-known, as it is a family business that has been open for over 40 years.

The issues we identified were:

  • The visual structure of the e-commerce and the interface were too complicated for the user to navigate.
  • The home page did not communicate the brand’s values in any way.
  • On the product page there was little information about specific products.

Although, at the end of the analysis, we realized that the biggest problem was the checkout process. In fact, significant traffic losses were showning within Google Analytics in the final steps of the purchase.


The more tests we do closer to the final conversion, the more impact our experiments will have.

Precisely for this reason, looking at it from a strategic level, we have chosen to immediately improve the user experience of the checkout phase.

We added a new 2-step checkout system, and eliminated the main distractions in the old checkout by minimizing headers and footers.

The platform of this e-commerce is WordPress + WooCommerce. So to optimise the checkout process we have chosen to set up a plugin called CartFlows.

We also tested the support chat during the purchase phase, a fundamental element that every e-commerce should have.


We have provided guidance on how to insert the  Social Proof, reviews and guarantees for their users. We had the brand values ​​inserted on the homepage.

Then we optimised the product page and provided guidelines on how to add videos for each product with its descriptions.

AB Testing

Once the setup was completed, we started an AB testing phase to monitor the progress of the checkout phase and measured the actual impact that our activities could have on the e-commerce.

During this process we also installed a software that recorded user sessions and provided us with heatmaps in the product sheet, cart and checkout. This is to collect more qualitative data and plan further tests.

Final Results

With these simple integrations alone we have helped Evolution Bikes to increase their turnover by +30%, with +€35,000 in two weeks, exponentially increasing their conversion rate.

Only by optimizing the purchase path can such impactful results be obtained in a very short time. How about you, are you doing this?

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