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Be Your Bag is a company that produces 100% made in Italy personalized bags. Thanks to an in-depth analysis, we improved the results of the entire business on the first AB test.

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The goal of Be Your Bag was to increase monthly turnover by at least 15% – 20%.

With this “small” increase in revenue, there would have been a huge increase in profits. Because the fixed costs of the structure were already covered by the current average turnover, therefore the further earnings would have had an extremely higher margin.

Over the years the owner has made the business grow a lot, but has never managed to “scale it” massively with advertising.

The truth is that it wasn’t the campaigns that didn’t work, but it was the buying process that wasn’t optimised.

Optimising the purchase path is the best way to increase earnings without increasing expenses.


The fulcrum of the Be Your Bag shopping experience is in the product sheet, where there is the configurator with which the user can see in real time the customizations they are making to the bag.

We therefore carried out two types of analysis on this page:

Heuristic Analysis

Heuristic analysis consists of personally testing the site.

Our CRO team therefore tested the Be Your Bag configurator both from desktop and mobile, reporting, all the functions that the potential customer could have on the basis of its knowledge and some internal tools.

Usability testing

We performed three usability tests with three potentially target people: a 24-year-old girl and two women in the 35-45 age range.

Usability tests are studies in which people are directly observed performing specific actions on their site.

We set up a meeting with these three people and gave them a task to do with their phone: “Go to the Be You Bag website, customize a bag and buy it.”

We also asked to think aloud and to record the phone screen.

Hypothesis creation

From the heuristic analysis and usability tests, we identified with Giacomo some activities that could improve the user experience and that could be immediately applied:

  • Description and product name above the fold
  • CTA “Go to Personalization” above the fold
  • Product image larger.
  • Change and move the User Generated Content section.
  • Testimonials carousel immediately after the “Add to cart” button.
  • Insert the video presentation of the product.


We took these changes and created a new product sheet to test against the “Old Configurator”.

For a structural issue of the site we carried out an AB test on a single product, the “Be You Shoulder Bag”.

AB Test results

We let the test go for four weeks and the results were these:

The Original (The new configurator) had a 31.90% higher conversion rate than the old configurator

This result had a 95% Significance Rate.

And a 98.2% chance of success by analysing it with the Bayesian model.


We have therefore demonstrated that the new configurator could bring an improvement of over 30% to the Conversion Rate, therefore it can potentially increase turnover by 30% in a business like Be Your Bag,

So we immediately rolled out the new configurator to all of our other products and noticed an overall increase in the conversion rate across the entire site.

Furthermore, analysing the revenue volume we can see a significantly higher daily revenue volume compared to other periods.

This Conversion Rate Optimization activity, together with a new type of content tested and validated in the same period, has allowed a 500% increase in NET PROFITS.

Testimony of Giacomo Pieri

Over the years I have studied and applied many strategies related to online marketing, advertising campaigns and website optimisation, managing to bring Be Your Bag to 500k € in annual turnover with a growth of more than 50% in the last year.

That said, as with all businesses starting from scratch, making big profits is very complicated as you are forced to invest most of the profits generated every month into grow the business.

For this 2021, I had set myself the goal of not aiming for an increase in turnover but for that of the profits generated without increasing advertising spending. However, alone, I was struggling a lot to reach the goal I had set for myself.

Thanks to Horizons, I managed to achieve this goal in a very short time.

In fact, Thomas’s analytical approach to my e-commerce, the A/B tests he suggested me to do, various changes made to at his suggestion, allowed me to increase the CR disproportionately from one day to the next.

In the past I’ve done tests on the site several times but the results obtained thanks to Horizons demonstrate how the approach of a true professional totally changes the results compared to those I could get as an “all-round entrepreneur“.

Final results

Final results

Taking the month (March 2021) in which the changes suggested by the Horizons team and the AB tests were made, Be Your Bag generated sales of €58,393

Against €11,940 spent on advertising, €21,136 in other costs (shipping, materials, rent, employees, bills, tools, payment processor fees, etc.) and €10,500 in VAT with a profit of around €15,000 in addition to giving a job and a salary for 6 people, a result that without his help I would never have been able to achieve!

That’s roughly 5 times last year’s average monthly profit. April too was the same with the new configurator across the site.

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