How we helped the largest self-publishing platform in Italy to set the company turnover record during Black Friday ( without making discounts). 

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The main goal was to improve revenue by 20% more than the previous year.

In 2020, however, with this partner we did a job of reconstructing their image.

In fact, before our collaboration numerous discounts were made, this in the long run accustomed potential customers to wanting a discount to buy as well as damaging the perception of the brand.

Precisely for this reason we have thought of a way to take advantage of Black Friday without falling into the trap of discounts.

We therefore decided to prepare packages with additional services.


  • We gave users what they wanted.
  • We took advantage of an important moment like Black Friday.
  • All this by increasing the perception of brand value, and not devaluing it with discounts.


At the beginning of the collaboration, one of the fundamental parts was to optimise the Community on Facebook of this partner of ours.

Through re-engagement and lead generation strategies, we reactivated it and grew it to 5837 members.

Thanks to the Facebook group, we then studied the needs of the market in depth with various open-ended questionnaires.

With these analyses and the qualitative data collected, we planned the strategy of “additional packages” for Black Friday.


Given the limited time we had available, we opted for a simple but effective strategy.

We divided the launch into 3 Phases:

  • Pre-pre launch,
  • Pre-launch
  • Launch.

During the various phases, we used the following channels: Email Campaigns, Facebook Group, Facebook Page, ChatBot, Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

We mainly chose to use channels with organic traffic, with a light touch of paid support. It was not our intention to invest money at the time of year when auctions cost the most.

We also decided to bring forward the Black Friday dates which allowed us to capture more attention and take advantage of our customers’ still full”wallet”.

Also the decision to carry out the launch in 3 days, compared to 5 days in the previous year, allowed the use of Urgency and Scarcity in a more real and effective way.

Pre-pre Launch

The pre-launch phase was relatively simple:

  • 3 Email Campaigns,
  • 1 Bot message,
  • 1 Post in the Community and Page
  • 2 Facebook Ads to support

Traffic was directed to an optin page where we collected name and email.

We concluded the Pre-Pre Launch with exactly 1640 Leads.

Pre Launch

During the Pre-Launch the main strategy was to keep the hype up.

We did this with:

  • Several posts within the community
  • 5 Emails sent every 24 hours
  • Supporting Facebook Ads

We used the countdown as the main communication angle.

The Launch

As expected, the 1st and 3rd days were the ones that had the highest number of conversions.

The launch included 4 emails, one in the first two days and two on the last day.

They all had excellent Open Rates and CTRs.

Email data:

[Black Friday] Login Now (1st Day): Open Rate 75.92% (1,088) – CTR: 59.11% (847)

How to Buy (2nd Day): Open Rate 55.99% (799) – CTR: 14.51% (207)

At 23.59 We close everything (3rd Day): Open Rate 58.95% (840) – CTR: 9.68% (138)

Maybe the last Black Friday? (3rd day in the afternoon): Open Rate 51.66% (823) – CTR: 7.78% (124)

In addition to the Launch with the Email channel, we included two Facebook Campaigns with an additional Google Display Campaign.

Final results

The results were excellent with 136.77% more revenue than last year‘s Black Friday.

€47,955.48 was generated in 3 days compared to €20,254.27 in the previous year.

Most of the purchases came from Youcanprint’s organic channels.

Investments in Ads were:

  • Facebook (and ChatBot): €138.51
  • Google Ads: €210
  • The return on Paid channels was 137%.

Furthermore, the month of November 2020 became the best month for turnover and profit in the history of Youcanprint.

(Actually now with the new strategies implemented we have already doubled this result, but that’s another story 😉)

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